Night in town with Him; a photo set

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. This Friday night Isaiah and I took a trip into town for the night and it was unsurprisingly wonderful. We took plenty of photos, and I’d love to share them with you all. 

First, we stopped at Sweets & Treats for some ice cream. I wish I’d gotten more photos inside. It was a tiny yet adorable shop with tons of different old-fashioned and modern candy. We decided on getting a cup of Pumpkin Pie ice cream, and it was absolutely mouthwatering. We sat out front of the little shop and shared the cup as we talked. 

Next we walked towards the center of town where there’s a large Starbucks built on top of some old cobblestone. We sat in the back as I sipped on a delicious (but ridiculously priced) latte. We laughed tons and genuinely enjoyed the time we were spending with eachother. It was lovely. 

After I’d finished my latte we decided to visit a used bookstore. The store itself was very interesting as it had multiple rooms and even an upstairs. We looked around for quite a bit of time before deciding on purchasing a Harry Potter book and Paper Towns by John Green, both of which I’ve already read. I like to keep books around to reread or lend to friends. One of my favorite things to do is highlight key parts or quotes that made me feel something and then lending the book to a friend to read. 

Once we finished looking around the bookstore we ventured outside and sat on a couple of steps out front of the old county theatre, beside multiple pots of winsome flowers. He had smoked a bit while I took some photos. I asked him to take a photo of me, and he responded by rolling his eyes but took a photo anyway. 

Before getting on the bus to go home, we stopped at my favorite record store to make a couple of purchases. I’ve photographed what I had bought, and Isaiah also played an old video game that they keep in the back of the store. At the register they kept a bowl of free condoms so I grabbed a few (gotta stay safe!) to keep in my purse and I’ve photographed them as well.

I had an amazing time and I hope you all enjoyed experiencing a night of my life through photographs. It was definitely an unforgettable one. 

Much love as always.

8 thoughts on “Night in town with Him; a photo set

    • Kay Velez says:

      Tfios is what got me into him! If you haven’t read Looking for Alaska, you should definitely give it a read. It’s my all time favorite book and it’s by him! Paper Towns is also a good book, but LFA is so lovely.


      • seaofwordsx says:

        Tfios is just the best book ever! 💜 I didn’t read Looking for Alaska yet. I will read it! I have heard about it. I also need to read the Abundance of Katherine. Paper towns is also good, just love them all haha


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