Love is love

IMG_6400I want to talk about something that is a huge topic in society at the moment in Australia. Unlike a lot of other country’s Australia does not allow same sex couples to marry. Lately the news has been filled with ads and reminders about legalising same sex marriage. Encouraging people to vote “yes” and “no”. It completely shocked me the first time I saw the ad saying it was okay to vote “no”, love is love, whether it’s between a man and man or a women and women. Who you love shouldn’t change how people see and treat you, everyone deserves to be able to marry who they want. The only reasons it’s not legal is because our government is full of last century people that are hiding behind there fear. I just hope our government comes to its senses and lets it pass as a law. Let people marry who they want and have the freedom. All power to the people. 🌈 

Bella xoxo

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