Art! W/ Shanaya Parr

Recently I spoke with Shanaya Parr from Nottingham in England. She’s an amazing artist who sells her art on her online shop, Shanaya’s Creations. She loves folklore, fairytales, anything vintage, and anything with a good story behind it. Her long necked ladies are inspired by the Kayan tribe and the idealism of beauty standards around the world and that by sharing culture we can make the world more loving and diverse. In her life she wants to spread love, happiness, and positivity in this universe. Here’s a quick Q&A her and I did so that you all can learn a little more about her! I hope you all enjoy, and make sure to check out her Etsy shop! I recently purchased a print and her art & packaging are absolutely to die for. A ton of links will be down below! 

What inspired you to start creating and selling art in the first place?

I’ve always loved creating. I use it as a visual language to express my feelings or an emotion I want the world around me to feel. Seeing powerful women on a daily basis is very inspiring and so is media. My art is also particularly influenced by Lana Del Rey and Lolita concepts. I originally wanted to sell my work so I could share my art with others whilst supporting myself as a living.

What in particular drawled you to the whole Lana/Lolita concept?

I’ve been listening to Lana Del Rey since I was about 12 haha. I feel like her music has had a really big impact on my life and that lead to every other concept due to what she sings about, like how I perceive daily life and looking further into the meanings of little things (flowers/adding sentiment to an object ect) and I feel they have a lot to do with women and how they’re treated in the world (relationships/sexuality/ beauty standards/ power) and a connection to Mother Earth.

Do you feel looking further into the meanings of little things could lead to a happier life?

I think that ignorance is bliss in a lot of ways. The mystery to life is what makes it magical but it’s human nature to be curious and try to attach meaning to everything.

Back to your art! How do you want your art in particular to affect others in a way where it means something to them? How would you like for it to make them feel?

I usually want each piece to have its own energy and message, but I know people will connect with it in different ways. The main purpose of my art is to spread a little bit of love and happiness in their lives.

Do you think that spreading different cultures, messages, and opinions through art could potentially ever lead to more peace on earth?

I’m only one little person, and I feel we need to unite to achieve peace but that’s the plan! If everyone does a small bit for the world, when it adds up it’s actually a big impact! 

Lastly, do you feel you’d be the same person without creating art?  

Probably not, I’ve been creating since I was young and have grown with it over time. I feel without art my life would’ve taken a very different path and I feel the path I’m taking now is the right one for me. 

& Thats it! Thank you so much to Shanaya for speaking with me. You’re art is truly wonderful and you are such an honest, open, and genuinely beautiful person.

Be sure to check out both of our Instagram pages, as well as Shanaya’s shop. I also suggest picking up a print or two. Her artwork is just too lovely to not be shared. 

So much love.

My Instagram: @trailerparkkitten

Shanaya’s Instagram: @shanayaparr


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