Girls love yourself

Girls love yourself

We see it way too often. Girls hating their body. Wishing they could change it, to look different or fit into what society says is “attractive” or normal. What social media and society deems as “beautiful”. He’s a reminder to love every inch of your body every day all day. Remind yourself daily that you are beautiful, that your imperfections and everything about you make you beautiful and unique. You are a work of art. To love every inch of your body. You are perfect, from head to toe.
In this day and age social media is the main cause of influence on young girls and body image. Every day young girls are flooded with these so called “perfect women” with “perfect” bodies. It’s really hard to love yourself when society is saying that if you don’t conform to a certain image you aren’t worthy or beautiful. People we see on social media aren’t real, the models that are living the so called perfect life with the perfect body aren’t really real. We were born to unique, to be our self’s and flourish. To form our own opinions and be different. Remind yourself that it’s important to be true to yourself. Dress and act how you want, love your body and make sure to not let people and social media tell you how to act, dress or that you’re not beautiful. Each person is beautiful in their own way. So go out and do what you want to do, dress how you want to dress. Dance like no one’s watching and care less. Be care free. The more you distance yourself from the negative shit the more wonderful things are bound to happen. Remember that you are BEAUTIFUL.
Bella xoxox

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